Technological solutions in elevator industry

TRP Group is a company with more than 20 years of history, familiar to the consumer
until March of this year as a representative of the Schindler brand in Russia

About us

More than 20 years

experience in the Russian market
of elevator equipment

A full cycle of services

for the design, supply, installation, modernization and maintenance
of elevator equipment


units of installed equipment
in Moscow, St. Petersburg and other regions

Own warehouse

of spare parts and rigging equipment
for installation without scaffolding

More than 300

qualified and certified personnel

Vast experience

in managing technological and large projects

Technological solutions and service

Freight elevators
Passenger elevators
Moving walks

Landmark projects

Building height: 370 m
Number of stops: 95
Building class: Business Center
Elevators: 10 x S7000 (8 m/s)
4 x S5400
14 x S3300
Escalators: 16 x S9300
Opening: 2015
BC Federation Tower
Building height: 462 m
Number of stops: 87
Building class: Multifunctional center
Elevators: 10 x S5500
26 x S7000 (7,0 m/s)
4 x S3300
Escalators: 6 x S9300
Opening: 2018
BC Lakhta Centre
Building height: 171,5 m
Number of stops: 41
Building class: Business Center
Elevators: 5 x S5400
12 x S7000
PORT system Escalators: 2 x S9300
Opening - 2009
BC Nordstar Tower (Begovaya)
Building height: 270 m
Number of stops: 65
Building class: Multifunctional complex
Elevators: 27 x S5500
18 x S7000
Start of construction: 2019
RC Capital Towers
Building height: 67,95 м
Number of stops: 11
Building class: Business center
Elevators: 18 X S3300
31 x S5500
Opening: 2018
BC Iskra Park
Building height: 165 m
Number of stops: 28
Building class: Multifunctional Center
Elevators: 9 x S5400
27 x S7000 (4,0 m/s)
2 x S2600
Opening: 2015
BC Oruzheyniy
Number of stops: 3
Building class: Shopping Mall
Elevators: 36 x S5500
Escalators: 32 x S9300
Moving walks: 12 x S9500
Opening: 2019
Solaris Mall
Building height: 100,8 m
Number of stops: 28
Building class: Business Center
Elevators: 5 x S5400
13 x S7000
6 x S3300
Escalators: 14 x S9300
Moving walks: 6 x S9500
Opening: 2014
BC Vodnyj

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